Ontario is facing school bus service shutdowns | Help get our kids to school

Tell Premier Wynne to provide the funding needed to keep school buses running. Ontario's children and families are depending on it.

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Nearly one million Ontario families rely on school buses to get kids to school and home safely and on-time each day.

Busing contracts determine years in advance what school bus service providers are paid for ensuring kids get to school safely. But Ontario’s surprise minimum wage increase is threatening the availability of bus service in 2018.

Unlike other service providers, who can manage the new minimum wage by raising prices, school bus operators are bound by long term contracts that never contemplated the 22 percent wage increase now planned by the Wynne government for January 1, 2018, and a further increase in January 2019.

Government is welcome to raise the minimum wage, but it is only responsible to ensure there is money in the student transportation system to pay for it.

So unless Ontario takes immediate action, the Wynne government will make it impossible for many school buses across the province to run and get kids to school.

We’re asking parents and families to take action to ensure that doesn’t happen. Help now – send a letter today to the Premier urging her to fix this problem!